We provide market leading food innovation, development and creation to retail and food service customers internationally.

Our focus is on high-end plant based foods that deliver a premium experience. Our unique process creates food which doesn’t seem processed and is a game changer in vegan and vegetarian foods.

We’re the delicious part of over
8 million meals a year.

Our creations are sold through 6 major retail and restaurant chains, from 3000 outlets in 7 countries.


Our goal is to do all the hard work innovating and developing unique products that make it easy for companies to do good, and look good while delivering high quality sustainable ethical food options to their markets.

Our Team

For over 15 years our core team has pursued our passion for creating the best in food innovation for our customers. Our belief that doing good is good business and our people focused culture is manifest in our success, but also in the fact that we have not lost a team member in that time.
Catherine D’Arcy

Managing Director

Sanjay Sighat

Research & Development Director

Li Ping

Country Manager – China

Carol Chapman

Operations Manager

Karen Hampson

Operations Director

Frank Paalman


Sukh Singh


Sarah Miller

Technical Manager

Our team members are all experts in their fields including our multi-award winning Development Chef (and UK Development Chef of the year). Together we deliver a can-do, will-do and out-do approach to product development, delivery and customer service that our competitors cannot match.

Select Partners

Our partner factories are instrumental in delivering our high quality hand-made products and we have worked with them to develop their skills, people and production capabilities making them leaders in their industry and regions. Importantly this continues to assist in the development of their wider communities.