To create our industry leading manufacturing capability we didn’t build new factories and start from scratch. We partnered with excellent existing manufacturers in great communities and over 15 years, mentored them, invested in them and helped them increase and improve their capabilities. The results are leading-edge food production facilities that craft incomparable hand made products while creating a positive impact on their teams and communities.

Building Better Businesses

Our 5 core manufacturing partners are SEDEX members, SMETA certified & independently audited by Bureau Veritas. While that is the global standard for food safety, manufacturing standards and social responsibility and worker treatment we choose to go further. Our mentoring and development program ensures that our partners are developing increased capability, leveraging their competitive advantage and can also deliver our uniquely innovative products.

All of our partner factories and supply chain partners are BRC certified & independently audited by AIB to ensure they meet the exacting food safety and quality standards of our retail and food service customers around the world.


Because our uniquely innovative food development techniques are a hybrid of cooking, baking, chemistry and art it takes highly skilled production capabilities to craft and deliver our products. The standard, automated food by-product extrusion techniques utilised by competitors in the Eu simply cannot achieve the same hand-made and sustainable results.

Our factories have developed the capability over years to deliver real food experiences to real people, not the soulless bland, cookie cutter options so prevalent on the market today.

We believe that better facilities and teams create better food.

“Anyone with a machine can extrude a nugget. It takes talented people and innovation to craft great food experiences for brands, chefs and diners.”

Sanjay Sighat

Sustainable Practices

From our carbon neutral head office to each partner in our supply chain, sustainability is an important focus. Our factories lead their regions in utilisation of green energy and our products; through a combination of local sourcing, sustainable growing practices, efficient packaging and supply chains, generate 50% less CO2 emissions/kg than the independently benchmarked European equivalents.